When I moved to Stockholm 2017 I started to work as a meeting & event supervisor for a hotell. During my employment I got the chance to perform almost daily during the conferences within the house and during different events.

I loved my job so much and decided to write a song about it. 

With help from the producers Linus Wileryd and Emanuel Bagge the song came on Spotify. We had a release party in the center of Stockholm, created a music video in cooperation with "Felkan".  I sang at different events in Stockholm, Oslo and I also got to perform at the TELE2 Arena.

I'm so grateful for everything that I got to do and be a part of thanks to Passion. Nothing would have been possible if I didn't work at Hotel Amaranten.
So thank you all that have been involved!


It's in the moment of meetings we find new friends and get the ability to

create stories. Stories that will  be a part of who we are in the future, 

stories that we will tell our friends and family years to come.
It's today that we will remember, today will become a memory, 

so why not write a song about it so we can sing a long forever?



Lyrics & Music: Beatrice Jasz  |   Music: Emanuel Bagge   | Producer: Linus Wileryd | In cooperation with Clarion Amaranten

music video

release party


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